J-22 Orao 1/72 - LITAKI MODEL KIT 72001
SKU LMK72001
Scale: 1/72
Nation: Yugoslavia
Period: Modern
Type: Aircraft
Category Kit

J-22 Orao aircraft kit in 1/72 scale - Litaki model.Highly detailed assembly-207 parts;-7 plastic frames;- photoetched 59 parts;- paint masks;Several weapon options for attack aircraft and bombers Detailed landing gear housings Several engine and stabilizer options (for the first and later versions of the aircraft) Decals for 6 color options (Yugoslav Air Force, Serbian Air Force) PRINTED BY DECOGRAPHThe J-22 Orao is a ground attack and light fighter aircraft jointly developed by Yugoslavia and Romania during the 1970s. Here is some information about this aircraft:Origin and Development:The J-22 Orao was developed by the partnership between the Yugoslav aviation company SOKO and the Romanian aviation company Avioane Craiova.The project began in the 1970s with the goal of creating a ground attack and light fighter aircraft suitable for the operational needs of the two countries.Technical Characteristics:The J-22 Orao is an arrow-wing monoplane equipped with a Rolls-Royce Viper turbofan jet engine.It was armed with internal cannons and could carry a wide range of war payloads, including air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, bombs, and rockets.Role and Use:The J-22 Orao was designed to perform ground attack missions against land and naval targets, as well as air interception missions.It provided support to ground forces during the conflict in Yugoslavia in the 1990s.Production and Use:Both countries involved in the development program, Yugoslavia and Romania, produced and used the J-22 Orao.However, due to political turmoil and conflict in the region, production and use of the aircraft was limited.Legacy:The J-22 Orao represents one of the few successful military cooperation projects between two Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War.Although production and employment of the Orao was limited due to the breakup of Yugoslavia and other factors, the aircraft proved to be effective in its assigned roles and left a mark in the military aviation history of the countries involved.

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