CM-B Airbrush Iwata Custom Micron - IWATA 13407500
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CM-B Iwata Custom Micron airbrush Gravity cup - Material nozzle: 0.18mm - Rod: 0.18mm - Type: double action - Capacity: 1.8 ml - Handle with pre-adjuster - Adjustable trigger tension - Crown rod cap The CM-B is suitable for the following applications: - Illustration - Fine art - Nail art - Photo retouching - Soldiers/Miniatures Custom Micron airbrushes are aimed at the elite of professionals who require truly precise and accurate control of detail. These airbrushes are the state of the art in airbrushes, Manufacturing processes with special machinery, combined with meticulous hand assembly of parts, have created an airbrush with superb atomization and incredible control. By removing the air nozzle, a whole range of dotted effects can be sprayed with these airbrushes, from very fine to the coarsest grain texture. The smaller (.18-mm) nozzle-rod combination makes fluid control more precise and accurate in detail. The features of the 1.8 ml (1/16 oz.) center gravity cup allow for quick cleaning and facilitate color changes . The particularly durable stainless steel rod ensures a quick transition from extremely precise work to medium backgrounds.

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